Google MyMaps: 10 hotel lobbies to visit in Chicago

By Michelle Campos

“Hotel Exploring”

It’s an activity that I share with my sister. Sometimes, we do this to pass time in the city without breaking the bank. We walk inside hotel lobbies, look for their artwork, architecture, and marvel at the extravagant decor. Finally, we find a comfy couch to relax on and watch other guests enjoy their visit to the city.

When I walk into a new building, I feel like a detective trying to crack the mystery. If one catches our eye, we take a bit of a dig online and try to find the history behind it. Some are ordinary with little to tell, while others have me on the edge of my seat. My curiosity increases and I wonder if there are secrets behind the cold marble walls and stained glass windows.

Websites, like Historic Hotels of America archive history about historic hotels and any other interesting facts. Additionally, other bloggers have written lists about their personal favorite hotels in Chicago so you can always find a new place to visit. Out of all the hotel lobbies I’ve visited, there are a few that I keep returning to. I’ve compiled a list of 10 hotel lobbies to visit in Chicago using Google MyMaps.